About J.Protect UV Lights

About J.Protect UV Lights

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Come refresh, exfoliate, hydrate, and relax in an environment protected from pathogens, virus, bacteria, or germs with our new J.Protect light protection solution. 

We pride ourselves in using the best technology and products available in the marketplace, which is why we’ve upgraded our salon with J.Protect LED disinfecting lights that can eradicate up to 99.9% of any pathogens, viruses, germs, or bacteria that may present itself. 

See a demo of the lights at work here:

The J.Protect lighting system can disinfect indoor spaces both continuously when people are present, as well as quickly when no people are present. A space with safe, continuous cleaning can be completely disinfected in minutes.

Additional benefits of J.Protect for salons:

  • 2’x2’ dimensions make it easy to install in any salon with an indoor space and overhead lighting in place. Fixtures fit into drop ceilings, or can be hung separately.
  • Overhead lighting design enables it to work effectively against both airborne and surface pathogens (e.g., pedicure chairs, vanity stations). The ‘Planer’ light source provides very efficient distribution and coverage, including underneath tables, chairs, etc.
  • System can be operated either manually or remotely from a mobile app for convenience and ongoing safety, both during and after operating hours.

Visit www.colighting.solutions to learn more about the technology.